5 DIY projects to try at home right now

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

A home make over is something a lot of people are trying right now.

Decorating tips can be helpful.

Prep is key to a good paint job. Filling and sanding not just filler but if you are painting over vinyl you'll want to key the paint.

Varnishing, if you sanded those floorboards and are unsure what to do next. A good yaught varnish is a brilliant product for floor boards. Paint on one coat, it will seep into the wood. This you must lightly sand on every bit of every board. Then varnish again. If you don't key the first coat the varnish will separate.

Filling gaps in Floorboards, well some people do that, others add to the plank and do a proper job. Filler fails after a while and looks bad. All floorboards can be sanded and levelled and re laid like new. Try to flip the boards over to see if they are in good nick, and try to use that side, it will look great.

Outside space or office.

When purchasing a new summer house come office, be aware of the DPM that's not there possibly and create a firm base for yourself, it'll save you time and rot in the future and will be cozier. An electric system can be fitted to your outside area too, this is a good safety feature when taking electric from the home, it's good to get a certified person in to do it.

Resealing and grout issues. you can remove seal quite easily with a blade of a Stanley knife or a multi tool. Cleaning grout or re-grouting can be done nicely with just a sanding block edge try sanding your dirty grout.

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